Can you hear me now?

1 Samuel, Chapter 3

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is 1 Samuel 3.  Why?
Because of the thrill of hearing so clearly from God.
Imagine being awakened to:

I Samuel 3:10  "The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!”  Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”"

Does God still move in this mighty of a way?  Does He "stand there" waiting for you to respond to His call?  To listen?  And then to do?  Often times, we are so incredibly busy or pre-occupied with life's adventures that we have difficulty taking the time to simply listen to what God wants for or from us.  

I've wished in the past to have that moment where I SEE God at work as Samuel witnessed in this passage.  Samuel clearly heard and listened to God.  God was persistent; God needed Samuel to do the work set forth.  AND Samuel was more than willing.  How reluctant some of us might be at the requests from God as we listen.  Or is that why we don't listen as often as we ought?  Are we so busy with the daily projects, activities and church (yes even church) that we miss God's calling us in another area?

Let's declare 2015, our listening year.  Listening to what God's Word says for our lives, our families, our church, our neighbors and our world.  Where is God speaking to you?  What has or is God putting on your heart to do for His people?  If you have a clear Word from God, then put action to that listening; go and serve; or go and be; or go and drive; or go and write.  

God has gifted His people in many different ways.  If you seek God, He will speak to you.  He loves you.  He truly cares for you.  He will never forsake you.  He's preparing an eternal home for you.  Now's the time to listen and then act.

Blessings upon Blessings.