Growing Up In The Church

I had many years of growing up in my home church Westminster UMC.
From Vacation Bible School, to Lay Witness Mission, to Youth Group, to our marriage and to funerals of loved ones; Westminster UMC has been a place of stability in my life and likely this church or another has been the same in your life and your family's lives as well.

There's a hymn called I CAME TO LOVE YOU EARLY that meant so much to me when cleaning the Westminster United Church Of Christ.  Here's the chorus:

I came to love you early.
I came to know you young.
You touched my heart dear Jesus,
when my life had just begun.
I gave you my tomorrows.
and a childish heart of sin.
And you saved me from a lifetime,
of what I might have been.

Perhaps you didn't come to Christ as a child as I did or you didn't grow up in the Church as I did.  That is ok.  We each have our testimony of our life before Christ and our life after accepting Christ as our Savior.  This year marks my 40th year of asking Christ into my life.  April 28, 1979.  I still have the "My Decision For Christ" card with my signature on it.  I was 11 years old when I dedicated my life to Christ.  Here's what My Decision For Christ card says on it:

"Knowing that I need the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, I now trust in Him to pardon and deliver me from the guilt and power of sin.  As He gives me strength I shall witness for Him, serve Him in the fellowship of His church, and seek to do His will in all areas of my daily life."  
"God said it . . . in His Word.
I believe it . . . in my heart.
That settles it . . . forever."

Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior?  You too can have the assurance of eternity with God by simply asking from your heart a life anew through Jesus. 
Today's the day....a day to celebrate and to step into a new life in Christ.

Written by Eileen