In Due Course

I've been watching a gift I received grow. It's in a small pot with dirt; started out just a mere bulb.

It sits on the kitchen counter behind the sink with plenty of space and sun coming through the window.  But I must say, what a peculiar plant.  

All we have so far is 2 short green stalks and 1 bean stalk.  Just doesn't look like much.  What I'm told from the packaging that surrounded our pot, is that a beautiful red blooming flower will break forth in due course.  We're waiting for that 'due course' to occur.

How tall will this plant get before it is 'due course'?  We're anxiously awaiting for this bloom to appreciate it's beauty.  It stretches over to the window for more and more sunlight; and then we turn it around and it starts stretching and stretching the opposite way toward the sunlight again.

How are we like this plant?

We are all going through things that are downright tough.  Choices we have to make that are difficult.  We need to forgive someone who wronged us.  We need to open up and share our faith in a non-Church environment.  Through all of this, we are growing, we are learning, we are becoming that tall bean stalk of ours.....seeking the source of light, becoming stronger and taller as we grow in our faith; ready to burst forth, in due course.

We're watching the top of that green stalk as we see a peek of another color; another dimension instead of just pot, dirt and bean stalks.  It showed us a glimpse of what is to come....Just a glimmer.  Can you see it?  Can you see it?

God sees a glimmer in you.  He sees you becoming stronger and growing in His Word.  He loves you and wants you to become the fullness that He has for you.  Burst forth as our Amarylis did.  Go and make disciples.

Written by:  Eileen  


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