Let Jesus The King Reign

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year . . .
For you?  For me?
For the homeless?  For those who just lost a loved one?
For those who are lonely?  For those in the Military?
For those in the hospital or nursing home?

Most of the Christmas music and movies we are listening to and watching are upbeat; ding dong merrily on high music; shiny, sparkly decorations......but does that truly represent the season for a Christian?

God sent His only Son to earth for me, for you, for all;
to bring hope to God's people.
I'm writing this on what's pretty much become an
unofficial national holiday, 'Black Friday'.
Does Bobby really need the 15 Christmas presents?
Or does Suzy  need the latest and greatest anything?
Is that how you show your love?  In gifts?

I have a suggestion, put down your phone, turn off the
movie and tv, stop all the madness of running around; stay home,
spend quality time with your family; one on one time, truly
listening and hearing; sharing and caring.  
Find some way to focus on the Christian aspect of Advent and Christmas; the coming of Christ, BECAUSE, He will come again. 
Will we be too busy running around to even hear His return?

Pull on the reigns and let Jesus the King reign over
Christmas this year in your heart and in your family.

Written By:  Eileen