Temper Temper


Temper Temper

Growing up, I would have temper tantrums over what now seems like silly problems.  
I really hated practicing piano.  That 30 minute buzzer could not go off soon enough for me to have that practice session complete.  I would get mad as I couldn't get my fingers to hit the correct keys on the piano and I'd throw my hands down on all the keys in a mad fit.  Of course I would have thoughts from my mother on this behavior and then that would make me run to my room and slam my door.

What a spoiled, smart-aleck child.  I rather regret that rude action now.  I should have behaved better.  But that is what growing up is all about, right?  We learn and we grow.

I recently watched a short clip from one of the many JESUS dvd's that are out there where JESUS throws a temper tantrum.  This video almost made JESUS look like a madman.

Do you remember the story from John 6:13-25?  That section is titled "JESUS Clears The Temple Courts" in the NIV version of the Holy Bible.  He set the doves free, turned over tables, scattered coins of the money changers, made a whip out of cords driving everyone from the temple courts.  In the dvd he had a look of complete disgust and frustration and . . . madness!

I asked some friends of mine, did this display of madness bring people to WANT to follow JESUS?  What did the disciples think as they watched this unfold in front of them. .....What is Jesus up to?  

The temple courts where this occurred was where the Gentiles were to worship; how could they worship with all the hustle and bustle of a "marketplace"?

My mind wonders . . . How long did the temple courts stay "marketplace" free?  Did they understand?  Was there a comprehension that how things were setup were inappropriate?  I bet JESUS was the talk of the town; not just for the miracles and wise words that He normally said, but for this scene, this scene of frustration.  

JESUS was human!  JESUS felt.  JESUS was real.  JESUS had emotions.

You say you can't relate to JESUS?
Have you ever been mad?  JESUS was mad.
Have you ever been sad?  JESUS was sad.

JESUS lived and lives even now; His "temple" was destroyed (meaning His body on the cross) and He did raise again in 3 days . . . for YOU!

In the madness of your life right now; In the extreme emotion; in your fears, joys, in your questions and in your comprehension, JESUS is alive!  He wants to be such a part of your life, that you are transformed.

Can you relate to JESUS?  Yes.
Can you trust in JESUS?  Yes.
DO you trust JESUS?  ______ (fill in the blank)
You can!

Lord JESUS, come into my heart.  Come into my life.  Transform me, my thoughts, my words, my life into what you would have me to be.  Open my eyes to see as you would have me to see.  Open my ears so that I can hear your Words.  Use my tongue, my lips to declare you King of my life.  In Your name I pray.  Amen.

Written by Eileen

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